About A New Leaf

Currently in the Tulsa MSA, there are approximately 24,000 individuals with developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, only 1,000 of those individuals are employed or receiving vocational training. The remaining 23,000 individuals are isolated at home with no connection to their community. For 35 years, A New Leaf has worked diligently to reduce this startling statistic. A New Leaf exists to provide individuals with developmental disabilities (including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders) with the opportunity to work and live independently in their community.

WILL-AND-BLAKE A New Leaf’s Core Values

  • All persons have worth and dignity.
  • Each person is unique.
  • Normalization is our guide.
  • Positive community relations facilitate our mission.
  • Good business practices are essential for success.
  • Quality service means effective, accessible service.
  • Fair human resource management promotes quality service.