Autism Works

AW-Memorial-300wAutism Works is a community-based vocational program for youth in middle and high school with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their neurotypical peers. The program assists youth make the transition to adulthood, higher education, and/or optimum employment by teaching social skills in a classroom setting and exposing them to our community and work experience at a young age. Autism Works is offered at nine Tulsa MSA public schools and is working towards providing the program in every Tulsa MSA public school.

Program participants will benefit from the program in the following ways: increased confidence and independence, improvements in communication, language, and social skills, improvement in job skills such as learning new things, being patient, task management, respect, and positive interaction with coworkers.

In addition, Autism Works benefits the entire community. Young people with ASD tap into talents waiting to be discovered while developing friendships in a safe and accepting environment. Peer mentors assist in created a supportive social experience while role modeling appropriate social interactions. The program provides social and life skills training utilized through the participants’ lives to assist them in becoming productive, independent members of our community. Peer mentors build job skills, gain community service hours, and emerge as leaders while developing an understanding of those with ASD. Local employers benefit from a talent pool of future employees who are better prepared for the workplace. In addition, the community at large benefits as individuals with ASD increase their skills and decrease their dependence on the social welfare system.

For more information about Autism Works or how to get the program started at your school, please contact A New Leaf at 918-451-1491.