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We are on a mission...

to provide individuals with developmental disabilities with life skills, marketable job training through horticultural therapy, community-based vocational placement, and residential services to increase their independence and individual choices.


A Letter From Our CEO

Dear Friends...

As I reflect on the past year I am in awe of the courage, dedication, and commitment our clients and staff have in making sure that people with developmental disabilities have an opportunity to succeed. Every day in our community, our clients struggle with barriers: barriers to employment, barriers to housing, barriers in speech and health; yet everyday they face these challenges with the grit and determination I aspire to have. In the following pages you will hear the stories of how our clients are succeeding and how your support has made that possible.

Uphold clients as the center of what we do;
Represent professionalism in the industry;
Embrace bold innovation; and
Serve every customer internally and externally

Thanks to our community volunteer leaders, partners and supporters for helping us put these values into action every day at A New Leaf. One example of embracing bold innovation is a program we created, Blooming Acres. We transformed three unused acres into a thriving farm growing hundreds of pounds of fresh produce! This produce is sold to members in our community and donated to area foodbanks to provide fresh produce to people living in food deserts in our community. This program is attempting to help solve two systemic issues in our community: high unemployment for people with disabilities, and a lack of fresh produce in the most impoverished parts of the Tulsa metro.

We faced challenges this year that were unexpected and beyond our control. Due to the budget crisis in the state of Oklahoma, we lost nearly $200,000 in funding over18 months. We were faced with the dilemma of reducing services, cutting benefits to our staff or using some of our reserves. The board of trustees chose to not allow our forward momentum to be stopped or to put these cuts on the backs of our clients. Instead we tightened our belts, continued to run efficiently, and asked the community for increased support.

Let me end this message with a success story of a young man named Chase. Chase came to work for us about one year ago. His mom had passed away so he started a new life in Tulsa with his brother and sister-in-law. When Chase first arrived in Tulsa he would wander the streets while his family was at work. They worried about him being alone all day and he was not engaged in the community or working. Chase came to A New Leaf and quickly was identified to have many skills and abilities that would allow him to earn a living at A New Leaf. Chase took it upon himself to learn and grow by getting a ride to the library once a week to learn more about horticulture. Chase quickly was promoted to a full-time employment responsible for watering plants in the greenhouse and serving customers. We couldn’t be more proud of Chase!

Thank you for your continued support and focus on our clients to Grow, Bloom and Thrive,

Mary Ogle

Meet Our Leadership Team


Our Board of Directors

 One hundred percent of A New Leaf’s Board Members contribute to the organization.

Kristine Sexter

CEO, Workwise Solutions

Chair, HR Committee


Bryan Sanderlin

Sector Vice President – Process Safety

Halma plc


 Paul Kingsolver

Johnson & Jones, P.C.



Mark Bender



James Kubala



Sonja Wilson

Corporate Performance Group

Dave Cleveland

Partner, Corporate Performance Group

Past Chairman, Chair Business Development


Doug Wright

Owner, Strategic Solutions



Doug Hughes

CEO, Mathey Dearman, Inc

Immediate Past Chairman


Chuck Kelley



Rita Garrison

Arvest Bank


Joshua Cole

Security Bank





Request A Speaker.

Interested in educating your staff or company about A New Leaf?  A New Leaf offers area businesses the opportunity to have a Community Relations representative speak about the services offered at A New Leaf.  

If you are interested in requesting a speaker and you are involved with Tulsa Area United Way, please request an agency speaker through the Tulsa Area United Way.

 If you are interested in learning more about A New Leaf but are not involved with Tulsa Area United Way, please complete the form below.

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ANL Residential Programs

Effective September 1, 2013, A New Leaf embarked on an exciting journey as the organization acquired Homelife Association, another Tulsa MSA nonprofit organization.  This acquisition gives ANL the opportunity to provide more services to a greater number of individuals living in our community.  

ANL now operates two group homes, and provides 24-hour assistance with basic requirements to individuals living in 15 independent homes and apartments in the community.  Other services include assisting clients in selecting staff to work with them, assisting individuals with programs designed to maximize their independence, aiding clients in finding appropriate housing within the community, arranging and providing transportation to work, recreational activities, and appointments, and organizing social activities for individuals.

ANL Residential Programs.JPG

Group Homes

Group Homes offer living arrangements for 6 to 12 people who share a home and receive up to 24 hours per day of support and training in daily living skills.  Group home residents are 18 years of age or older.  A New Leaf’s group homes are single-family homes located in the community close to other services and activities.  A New Leaf currently has two group homes that house 6 individuals each.

ANL Support Groups.JPG

Daily Living Supports

Daily Living Supports meet the daily support needs of individuals with developmental disabilities living in their own homes and apartments in the community for up to 8 hours. 

In accordance with the needs of the individual, Daily Living Supports include hands-on assistance, supervision, or prompting so that the individual performs tasks, such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, personal hygiene, light housework, money management, community safety, recreation, social, health, or medication management.

ANL Residential Programs.JPG

Supported Living

Supported Living meets the daily support needs of Homeward Bound clients (Hissom class members) living in their own homes and apartments.  

A New Leaf provides 24 hour/7 day staffing for individuals receiving supported living.  In addition, staffing assists and trains individual to perform tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing, toilet training, personal hygiene, light housework, money management, community safety, recreation, social, health, or medical management. In addition, transportation for individuals receiving Supported Living services is also provided.


Habilitation Training Services

Habilitation Training Services include the care, skills training, and supervision provided to individuals in their home. Our trained staff provide assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living, such as personal grooming and cleanliness, bed making, household chores, eating and the preparation of food, and the social and adaptive skills necessary to enable the individual to be more independent.


ANL Vocational Programs

A New Leaf’s vocational program is to designed to provide individuals with developmental disabilities (including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder) with life skills, marketable job training through horticultural therapy, and community-based vocational programs.  The vocational programs at A New Leaf exist to allow individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn work skills, have a safe work environment, develop their own peer groups, and be a productive member of society.

ANL Vocational Programs.JPG

Autism Works

Autism Works is a community-based vocational program for youth in middle and high school with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their neurotypical peers. The program assists youth make the transition to adulthood, higher education, and/or optimum employment by teaching social skills in a classroom setting and exposing them to our community and work experience at a young age. Autism Works is offered at nine Tulsa MSA public schools and is working towards providing the program in every Tulsa MSA public school.

Program participants will benefit from the program in the following ways: increased confidence and independence, improvements in communication, language, and social skills, improvement in job skills such as learning new things, being patient, task management, respect, and positive interaction with coworkers.

In addition, Autism Works benefits the entire community. Young people with ASD tap into talents waiting to be discovered while developing friendships in a safe and accepting environment. Peer mentors assist in created a supportive social experience while role modeling appropriate social interactions. The program provides social and life skills training utilized through the participants’ lives to assist them in becoming productive, independent members of our community. Peer mentors build job skills, gain community service hours, and emerge as leaders while developing an understanding of those with ASD. Local employers benefit from a talent pool of future employees who are better prepared for the workplace. In addition, the community at large benefits as individuals with ASD increase their skills and decrease their dependence on the social welfare system.

For more information about Autism Works or our Autism Works Summer Camp, please contact A New Leaf at 918-451-1491.

Shane Bevel A New Leaf.JPG

Community Based Vocational Training

A New Leaf contracts with area employers to afford a community-based vocational program to the individuals we serve. With the assistance of a job coach, individuals work at area businesses providing numerous services. The program helps clients foster self-esteem, confidence in their abilities, and allows them to contribute to the community in which they live. A New Leaf clients work at Meals on Wheels, GUTS Church and other companies around the community. Every day, clients are working in the community, providing services, and earning a wage from A New Leaf.

If you are a business located in the Tulsa MSA and would like your business to be a community work site for our clients to work, please contact A New Leaf today!

ANL Residential Programs.JPG

horticultural therapy

The horticultural therapy program offers clients a well-rounded environment to learn marketable job skills and become a productive member of society. Clients work in our six greenhouses, two public retail garden centers, and community vocational sales training program (wholesale routes). Experts in the field state that horticulture therapy produces improvement in eye-hand coordination, sensory stimulation, reduction in stress level, enhanced attention span, and emotional bonding in individuals with developmental disabilities.

A New Leaf is a garden center just like any other garden center. The only difference is that 95% of our products are grown and made by individuals with developmental disabilities. Throughout the year, our clients work planting and cultivating thousands of bedding plants (annuals and perennials), hanging baskets, vegetables, herbs, house plants, and poinsettias. Plants are sold to the general public and wholesale customers.

Blooming Acres, A New Leaf’s new Community Supported Agriculture program, is a thriving 3 acre farm operated by the individuals we serve. Adults with developmental disabilities will be involved in all processes of farming – from planting seeds to cultivating the crops to harvesting the produce to delivering the product to consumers.

All products can be purchased at our two retail locations. Please visit us at 2405 S. Elm Street, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 to purchase all your gardening needs.



Life Skills Classes

One of the most important components of ANL’s programs is the Life Skills classroom curriculum, which includes activities geared to cultivate horticultural learning and enhance work skills needed in the community.  The compelling and interactive classroom teaches socialization, teamwork, and many other indispensable life skills.  Clients enjoy cooking, nutrition, fitness, household safety, and money management classes to name a few.

Jonathan Beets.jpg


The School-to-Work program is a vocational program for teens and young adults with developmental disabilities that are still in high school.  School-to-Work allows teens the opportunity to go to school for half a day and receive vocational training at A New Leaf for the remainder of the day.

The program exists to ease the transition from high school to employment.  Currently, the program is offered at Jenks High School, Broken Arrow High School, and Union High School.  For more information or to get the program started at your school, please contact A New Leaf.

School to Work also has a “Summer Transitional School Program” for those who have not graduated who want to continue learning skills during the summer break.

Harvesting Peas.jpg

Seeds Academy

In April 2014, A New Leaf created the Seeds program as another opportunity for those who may have interests other than the greenhouses. 

In the program, clients make jewelry, garden stones, and garden stakes from clay.  All items are handmade by our clients and then sold at our public retail garden centers.  In addition, clients in this program enjoy meditation, fitness, and other life skills training.  Stop by our Retail Garden Center to purchase these one-of-a-kind pieces of art today!

Class - Owasso 6th.JPG
2019 fLYER website small.png
A Blooming Acres Supporting Sponsor

A Blooming Acres Supporting Sponsor

Order Today!!!!

Fresh produce delivered to you weekly! Save time and money while helping others. Blooming Acres is operated by individuals with developmental disabilities and autism. Your purchase helps A New Leaf employ, develop, and help our clients live independently.  In 2018 over 1500 pounds of fresh produce was donated to local food banks and food deserts!  Your purchase truly makes a difference!! Click here to order!

List of some of the items grown in Blooming Acres:

Spring- Beets, radishes, turnips, strawberries, onions, broccoli, lettuce, swiss chard, herbs, asparagus, peas, kale, carrots, brussel sprouts

Summer- Tomatoes, squash, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, okra, potatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, herbs

Fall- cabbage, pumpkins, kale, mustard greens, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, lettuce, spinach, collard greens, herbs

What is Blooming Acres?

As experts in horticulture as a means of training adults with developmental disabilities (including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders) to work, A New Leaf is taking a groundbreaking approach to solving systemic problems of poor health and unemployment among individuals with developmental disabilities and a lack of fresh produce in our community with an innovative and unique farm to provide fresh produce to our community. A New Leaf’s Blooming Acres, (Where Inclusion Comes to Thrive) is a three acre thriving farm operated by individuals with developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Community members can purchase a share of the growing season(s). In return, the consumer receives fresh, local produce on a weekly basis delivered by clients at A New Leaf. Blooming Acres will also provide crops each season to nonprofits serving in identified “food deserts” in the Tulsa community. Through this program, members of the Tulsa community will be able to receive fresh produce all while creating opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to earn a wage and lead meaningful, joyful lives in Tulsa. A New Leaf is excited to collaborate with Tulsans for this new and innovative approach to providing fresh produce to our community while employing adults with developmental disabilities. Together, we will create a healthier and happier Tulsa!


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an alternative farming model that has been gaining popularity in the US for the past 20 years. Community members become a part of the CSA by purchasing a share prior to the growing season, which helps the grower cover the initial annual costs of the farm operation. In return, members of the CSA receive boxes of the farm’s produce or products through the growing season. Blooming Acres has three growing seasons – Spring Harvest, Summer Harvest, and Fall Harvest. 

Consumer Advantages: Consumers have access to ultra-fresh food and creative recipes, exposure to farming, education for families, and the ability to develop a relationship with the farmers.

Farmer Advantages: Farmers have marketing opportunities prior to the actual farming season, the ability to develop a relations with their consumers, and early payments to help with the farm’s cash flow.

A New Leaf’s Advantage: When you purchase a membership ‘share’ of the CSA program, you are partnering with A New Leaf. This partnership is more than just fresh, wholesome, locally grown produce. It is joint support of our greater mission – to provide adults with developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders with marketable job training.

Standard Share Membership – This membership feeds three or more people, or those known as a veggie lover.

Petite Share Membership – This membership feeds one person, couples, and those who do not eat a large variety of produce throughout the week.

What to Expect: You can expect fresh, wholesome, and nutrient dense produce that is harvested hours prior to your delivery day. In each box, you will receive recipes and information about the individuals whose lives you are impacting by partnering with Blooming Acres.

Season Offerings: The produce and fruits mentioned are intended to be a guide. Some produce will vary in different seasons and others may simply not be available due to weather conditions during the growing season.

Dates of seasons 2019:

Spring- 8 weeks, Thursday and Friday Deliveries, May 2nd& 3rd- June 20th & 21st

Summer- 12 weeks, Thursday and Friday Deliveries, June 27th & 28th- September 12th & 13th

Fall- 8 weeks, Thursday and Friday Deliveries, September 19th & 20th – November 7th & 8th

Pricing Full Petite

All Seasons $602.00 $462.00

Spring $172.00 $132.00

Summer $258.00 $198.00

Fall $172.00 $132.00

*all orders come with free delivery.