ANL Vocational Programs

A New Leaf’s vocational program is to designed to provide individuals with developmental disabilities (including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder) with life skills, marketable job training through horticultural therapy, and community-based vocational programs.  The vocational programs at A New Leaf exist to allow individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn work skills, have a safe work environment, develop their own peer groups, and be a productive member of society.

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Autism Works

Autism Works is a community-based vocational program for youth in middle and high school with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their neurotypical peers. The program assists youth make the transition to adulthood, higher education, and/or optimum employment by teaching social skills in a classroom setting and exposing them to our community and work experience at a young age. Autism Works is offered at nine Tulsa MSA public schools and is working towards providing the program in every Tulsa MSA public school.

Program participants will benefit from the program in the following ways: increased confidence and independence, improvements in communication, language, and social skills, improvement in job skills such as learning new things, being patient, task management, respect, and positive interaction with coworkers.

In addition, Autism Works benefits the entire community. Young people with ASD tap into talents waiting to be discovered while developing friendships in a safe and accepting environment. Peer mentors assist in created a supportive social experience while role modeling appropriate social interactions. The program provides social and life skills training utilized through the participants’ lives to assist them in becoming productive, independent members of our community. Peer mentors build job skills, gain community service hours, and emerge as leaders while developing an understanding of those with ASD. Local employers benefit from a talent pool of future employees who are better prepared for the workplace. In addition, the community at large benefits as individuals with ASD increase their skills and decrease their dependence on the social welfare system.

For more information about Autism Works or our Autism Works Summer Camp, please contact A New Leaf at 918-451-1491.

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Community Based Vocational Training

A New Leaf contracts with area employers to afford a community-based vocational program to the individuals we serve. With the assistance of a job coach, individuals work at area businesses providing numerous services. The program helps clients foster self-esteem, confidence in their abilities, and allows them to contribute to the community in which they live. A New Leaf clients work at Meals on Wheels, GUTS Church and other companies around the community. Every day, clients are working in the community, providing services, and earning a wage from A New Leaf.

If you are a business located in the Tulsa MSA and would like your business to be a community work site for our clients to work, please contact A New Leaf today!

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horticultural therapy

The horticultural therapy program offers clients a well-rounded environment to learn marketable job skills and become a productive member of society. Clients work in our six greenhouses, two public retail garden centers, and community vocational sales training program (wholesale routes). Experts in the field state that horticulture therapy produces improvement in eye-hand coordination, sensory stimulation, reduction in stress level, enhanced attention span, and emotional bonding in individuals with developmental disabilities.

A New Leaf is a garden center just like any other garden center. The only difference is that 95% of our products are grown and made by individuals with developmental disabilities. Throughout the year, our clients work planting and cultivating thousands of bedding plants (annuals and perennials), hanging baskets, vegetables, herbs, house plants, and poinsettias. Plants are sold to the general public and wholesale customers.

Blooming Acres, A New Leaf’s new Community Supported Agriculture program, is a thriving 3 acre farm operated by the individuals we serve. Adults with developmental disabilities will be involved in all processes of farming – from planting seeds to cultivating the crops to harvesting the produce to delivering the product to consumers.

All products can be purchased at our two retail locations. Please visit us at 2405 S. Elm Street, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 to purchase all your gardening needs.



Life Skills Classes

One of the most important components of ANL’s programs is the Life Skills classroom curriculum, which includes activities geared to cultivate horticultural learning and enhance work skills needed in the community.  The compelling and interactive classroom teaches socialization, teamwork, and many other indispensable life skills.  Clients enjoy cooking, nutrition, fitness, household safety, and money management classes to name a few.

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The School-to-Work program is a vocational program for teens and young adults with developmental disabilities that are still in high school.  School-to-Work allows teens the opportunity to go to school for half a day and receive vocational training at A New Leaf for the remainder of the day.

The program exists to ease the transition from high school to employment.  Currently, the program is offered at Jenks High School, Broken Arrow High School, and Union High School.  For more information or to get the program started at your school, please contact A New Leaf.

School to Work also has a “Summer Transitional School Program” for those who have not graduated who want to continue learning skills during the summer break.

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Seeds Academy

In April 2014, A New Leaf created the Seeds program as another opportunity for those who may have interests other than the greenhouses. 

In the program, clients make jewelry, garden stones, and garden stakes from clay.  All items are handmade by our clients and then sold at our public retail garden centers.  In addition, clients in this program enjoy meditation, fitness, and other life skills training.  Stop by our Retail Garden Center to purchase these one-of-a-kind pieces of art today!