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A Blooming Acres Supporting Sponsor

A Blooming Acres Supporting Sponsor

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Fresh produce delivered to you weekly! Save time and money while helping others. Blooming Acres is operated by individuals with developmental disabilities and autism. Your purchase helps A New Leaf employ, develop, and help our clients live independently.  In 2018 over 1500 pounds of fresh produce was donated to local food banks and food deserts!  Your purchase truly makes a difference!! Click here to order!

List of some of the items grown in Blooming Acres:

Spring- Beets, radishes, turnips, strawberries, onions, broccoli, lettuce, swiss chard, herbs, asparagus, peas, kale, carrots, brussel sprouts

Summer- Tomatoes, squash, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, okra, potatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, herbs

Fall- cabbage, pumpkins, kale, mustard greens, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, lettuce, spinach, collard greens, herbs

What is Blooming Acres?

As experts in horticulture as a means of training adults with developmental disabilities (including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders) to work, A New Leaf is taking a groundbreaking approach to solving systemic problems of poor health and unemployment among individuals with developmental disabilities and a lack of fresh produce in our community with an innovative and unique farm to provide fresh produce to our community. A New Leaf’s Blooming Acres, (Where Inclusion Comes to Thrive) is a three acre thriving farm operated by individuals with developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Community members can purchase a share of the growing season(s). In return, the consumer receives fresh, local produce on a weekly basis delivered by clients at A New Leaf. Blooming Acres will also provide crops each season to nonprofits serving in identified “food deserts” in the Tulsa community. Through this program, members of the Tulsa community will be able to receive fresh produce all while creating opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to earn a wage and lead meaningful, joyful lives in Tulsa. A New Leaf is excited to collaborate with Tulsans for this new and innovative approach to providing fresh produce to our community while employing adults with developmental disabilities. Together, we will create a healthier and happier Tulsa!


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an alternative farming model that has been gaining popularity in the US for the past 20 years. Community members become a part of the CSA by purchasing a share prior to the growing season, which helps the grower cover the initial annual costs of the farm operation. In return, members of the CSA receive boxes of the farm’s produce or products through the growing season. Blooming Acres has three growing seasons – Spring Harvest, Summer Harvest, and Fall Harvest. 

Consumer Advantages: Consumers have access to ultra-fresh food and creative recipes, exposure to farming, education for families, and the ability to develop a relationship with the farmers.

Farmer Advantages: Farmers have marketing opportunities prior to the actual farming season, the ability to develop a relations with their consumers, and early payments to help with the farm’s cash flow.

A New Leaf’s Advantage: When you purchase a membership ‘share’ of the CSA program, you are partnering with A New Leaf. This partnership is more than just fresh, wholesome, locally grown produce. It is joint support of our greater mission – to provide adults with developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders with marketable job training.

Standard Share Membership – This membership feeds three or more people, or those known as a veggie lover.

Petite Share Membership – This membership feeds one person, couples, and those who do not eat a large variety of produce throughout the week.

What to Expect: You can expect fresh, wholesome, and nutrient dense produce that is harvested hours prior to your delivery day. In each box, you will receive recipes and information about the individuals whose lives you are impacting by partnering with Blooming Acres.

Season Offerings: The produce and fruits mentioned are intended to be a guide. Some produce will vary in different seasons and others may simply not be available due to weather conditions during the growing season.

Dates of seasons 2019:

Spring- 8 weeks, Thursday and Friday Deliveries, May 2nd& 3rd- June 20th & 21st

Summer- 12 weeks, Thursday and Friday Deliveries, June 27th & 28th- September 12th & 13th

Fall- 8 weeks, Thursday and Friday Deliveries, September 19th & 20th – November 7th & 8th

Pricing Full Petite

All Seasons $602.00 $462.00

Spring $172.00 $132.00

Summer $258.00 $198.00

Fall $172.00 $132.00

*all orders come with free delivery.